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OSW Supply Chain

A 501c3 not-for-profit entity, we connect local companies to our state-wide network of private, government and educational entities. Along with these institutions, we can assist you in navigating through project requirements in preparation for entry into the supply chain. We do this for free! Need a hand? We’re happy to help.

NYSERDA Offshore Wind Supply Chain Database

NYSERDA maintains an Offshore Wind Supply Chain Database that showcases local, regional, and global companies with capabilities to serve the offshore wind industry.

Business Network for Offshore Wind

The Business Network for Offshore Wind is a nonprofit, educational organization with a mission to develop the offshore wind renewable energy industry and its supply chain. With offices in Maryland, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Maine, the Network partners with industry and government to build an innovative supply chain that will create and sustain jobs, benefiting local economies and ensuring a cost-effective clean energy portfolio. We advance this through collaboration, education, and innovation, bringing together global developers, policymakers, academia, and leading experts to grow this new and vital offshore wind industry that provides a practical solution to climate change and creates well-paying jobs.